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Vital Hormones Women - The Secretagouge

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Vital - H - Women
Vital - H - Women

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  • Eliminate Hot Flashes
  • Get rid of Moodiness
  • Correct Iregular cycle
  • Feel rested
  • Eliminate symptoms of menopause.
  • Ease the pains from Pre menstrual syndrome.
  • Charge up your libido and sex life.
  • Sleep better, to recover your body from the pressure of everyday living no matter how stressful.
  • Improve your skin and muscle tone.
  • Erase traces of premature aging.
  • Supports Thyroid Function.
    Support for complete hormonal production, including,
  • hGH,
  • DHEA,
  • Estrogen.
Feel young and look radiant and the best you have in years. The best nutrition you can give your body to reverse the effects of aging or to improve the cel integrity and DNA replication.

Nothing supports the female function like Her Balance. Hormonal support. Rejuvenation and regeneration. Ideal for menopausal women and women with hormonal imbalance.

Also ideal for athletes.


Anti-Aging for Her 160 capsules of 700mg of proprietary formula Nutrition Panel.

This is part of the set Women's Hormone Balance which includes:

Can be combined with MaxDefense, to strengthen the immune system.


Taken in the Morning and at Night, or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


No matter how well I watched my diet, I would have bouts with anemia. My energy would be low, I would feel like dragging myself to do anything. I hated the way I felt. Tired, sleepy. RB, Bronx, NY

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