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VIP Membership
$ 25.00
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  1. You get a 15% discount on all your purchases.
  2. You get a credit of 5% of each purchase for each person you recommend.
  3. The membership pays for itself on your very first purchase.
  4. The credit earned can be applied toward the purchase of your product.
  5. You can see all your activity on our VIP website.


You sign up with a $25.00 annual membership.

Pick a minimum of 5 months out of the year to receive your product. Pick and choose any product or set that you want to receive on the month and day you want to receive it. You can change the date and the product you want to receive at least two weeks prior to shipping, which usually occurs 3-5 days prior to your date.

You can cancel it any time you want, two weeks prior to shipping date.


This membership is unlike any other I ever subscribed to. On the first purchase, it had paid for itself. I like the product, so it makes it worthwhile to have the membership. I recommend everyone I know, for the products and the service. They treat you like VIP. The credit is really icing on the cake. Even if I didn't get it, I would recommend them for their product and customer service. This is what every company should strive for.

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