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Kenisiologic Testing Kit


Testing Kit
Testing Kit

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Let your body tell you !

Do the Kenisiology test with the sample pack of any of the products you are interested in, or have your healthcare professional test it for you before you order. When you order the product, you will do so with full confidence that it will work for you and benefit your body.

Know before you buy

When you order a product from us, our customer support specialist will call and ask whether you have done the test.

Your health and wellbeing are more important than the sale of any product, regardless of how much you are willing to spend.


It doesn't take much for your body to respond to any product.

When you ask it, it will tell you whether you should be taking something or not.

The set includes on capsule, or a mililiter (when liquid form) of each product so you can use it to ask your body whether it is something, or the right time to take.


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