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Return Policy

Our return policy is very simple.

It is actually our customer satisfaction guarantee.

If within the first 7 days, you are not satisfied with our product, you may request for full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If withing the first 30 days, you return the unopened package, you will receive your full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


The price of the product minus the sales tax, where applicable. the sipping and handling is non-refundable.


We strive to asure ourselves and you, that the product is right for you. In order to determine that, we ask that you give us some information about you. Based on that information, we will recommend a course of action. We ask that you make a commitment to follow that recommendation. If you choose not to follow it, we ask you to take responsibility for your actions. Nothing major.

If you need any further asistance, please contact us.

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