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For adult male prostatic health. Includes the best herbs for protection against cancer known to man.
  • Easier going to the bathroom
  • No waking up at night
  • No pain


Two product set of each of:
  1. 60 capsules MaxDefense Nutrition Panel, for immune system support
  2. 80 capsules NutriMax Nutrition Panel, source of nutrients beneficial for prostate health.


    Take three Max Defense and four Nutri Max per day, or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


I was going to the bathroom every three minutes. It was uncontrollable. When I was at the Empower office, after I had to excuse myself four times, I had to tell them what was going on. I was urinating blood now and it was uncontrollable. I took the product immediately. That same night I slept through the night. Didn't get up once. The next day, my urine was back to its normal color. I was going to the bathroom regular once again. AR, Alhambra, CA

I feeling some pain near my prostate. I had already been diagnosed with inflamation, but I was afraid to take drugs. When I asked them about a product for prostate, they recommended Viril Max. In less than a week my pain was gone. Matter of fact, I didn't even realize when it went away. I know it was less than a week, because I got a follow up call to check up on me. That's when it dawned on me that it had gone away. PN, Carson, CA.

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