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Oxygen Booster

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For increased circulation and capillary health. Strengthen your circulatory system.


60 capsules of 500mg of a proprietary blend of Lycium, Rhodiola, acetyl-l-Carnitine, Carnosine, CoQ10, Vitamin B5, and Licorice Nutrition Panel .

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Taken in the Morning and at Night or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


I do a lot of rock and mountain climbing. I tried OxyMax on a trip to Mt. Baldy. I wanted to see if it would make any difference. Wow. I got to the top with a lot of energy still left. Something I had not felt on any other climb before. I can't say how much oxygen I was getting, but I know that without it, I would have felt tired and out of breath. With OxyMax, I didn't feel any of that. TA, Culver City, CA

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