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His Support
His Support

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The best natural nutrition you can take to pump up your training.
  • Feel energetic,
  • potent and,
  • perform the best you have in years,
  • Increase your endurance,
  • Charge up your libido and sex life,
  • Get the edge up on your competition,
  • You will recover faster from physical exertion,
  • excercise, or
  • even injuries,
  • Sleep well and recover faster from any physical activity,
  • Strenghten your muscles, and
  • Burn fat.
  • Natural support for complete hormonal production, including,
    • hGH,
    • DHEA,
    • Testosterone.
    • Supports Thyroid Function.


A 4 product set which includes,
  1. 160 capsules 720mg Vital H Men Nutrition Panel, to support Youth hormone release and the integrity of cellular function,
  2. 80 capsules 500mg NutriMax Nutrition Panel, raw materials for glandular hormone production,
  3. 90 caps 500mg MaleMax Nutrition Panel, to support male hormone production and prostate health, and
  4. 60 caps 500mg MaxDefense Nutrition Panel, to support a healthy immune system.

Components known to support the complete spectrum of hormone production in the body.

Can be combined with MaxSupport Nutrition Panel, for free radical protection
and OxyMax Nutrition Panel for increased oxygen support and proccess.


Take with 8oz glass of warm water:
  • In the AM, on an empty stomach:
    • 4 capsules Vital H Men,
    • 2 capsules Nutri Max,
    • 1 capsule Male Max,
    • 2 capsules Max Defense,
  • At night, hour before going to bed:
    • 4 capsules Vital H Men,
    • 2 capsules Nutri Max,
    • 2 capsules Male Max,
    • 2 capsules Max Defense, or
    as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


I can work out twice as long as my nearest competitor. I feel His Support gives me a competitive edge. KG, Palos Verdes, CA

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