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Essential Plus
Essential Plus

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Especially good for:
  • children, and
  • the over 50 crowd.

Good source of bio available calcium for anyone suffering from calcium deficiency, or having need for calcium:

  • Pregnant women,
  • Breastfeeding women,
  • Young women and boys,
  • Women on hormone therapy,
  • Anyone over 50
  • Anyone worried about osteoporosis

Excelent source of bio available multi minerals.
No hard metalic source, particularly reduced iron. Reduced iron is direct from the metal shaved so you can swallow it. But that is the extent of it. The stomach cannot digest it. It tends to constipate you. Worse yet, it is a source of free radicals, so it is very damaging to your cells, arteries, heart, eyes, and brain.


60 Capsules of 500 mg of proprietary blend of Shilajeet, easily assimilatable bio-available Calcium, Fo-ti, Triphala and Onion Nutrition Panel, all essential minerals for the expectant mother and the developing baby.


Take in the morning and at night, or as directed by your professional health care advisor.


I had 9 month morning sickness. I couldn't keep anything down. I was worried about my baby's development.
I took the product for the last four months of my pregnancy. Thankfully, my son was born beautiful and healthy. I can't say for sure that Essential Plus helped, but I hate to think what the alternative would have been. AO, Dallas, TX

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