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Maxy Green

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Maxy Greens
Maxy Greens

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Cleanse your body of the most toxic heavy metals and protect it against major disease.

Eliminate many symptoms due to intoxication. Improve circulation.

Stem cell support.

Extraordinary source of super nutrients.


500 mg 60 caps Proprietary combination of algae - Cholrella and Spirulina, Triphala and Alfalfa in the most assimilatable form nature intended. Nutrition Panel. To be taken with the Empower Diet Phase 2 , or the Empower Diet Phase 3.


Take 2 capsules per day, or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


I was about three months pregnant. I was already taking a prenatal formula. When I checked the Maxy Green's energy, it was indicated for me and my baby. She was born almost a month early, but she was whole and in good health. A little tiny, but that's how princesses are. EA, Gardena, CA

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and was undegoing chemotherapy. Among the various natural supplements I took, Maxy Green helped getting through the therapy. I had good fast results and in less than one month was diagnosed clear. JE, Santa Barbara, CA.

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