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Maxum SX 20 capsules

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MaxumSX 20
MaxumSX 20

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  • No more embarrassment because you couldn't perform.
  • Give her the pleasure she expects when she's with you.
  • Last into the night.
  • Regain your manlihood

    Half an hour after taking this product feel

    • Powerful Erection
    • Burning Passion
    • Confidence


20 Capsules of 400mg each of a proprietary blend of Epimmedium, Cistanche, l-Arginine, Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris and Licorice. Nutrition Panel.

Also available in:

Can be combined with Extender, for increased circulation to the pelvic area.
May also be combined with ProlongSX, to last longer.


Take one 45 minutes before intimacy with warm water on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


I have parkinsons disease and, because I have to take more than 30 capsule and pills per day, I am limited in options. MaxumSX is the only product I can take with confidence. MA, North Hollywood, CA

I had recently experienced the most worrisome situation, I couldn't reach a full erection. I am 51 and I never thought this would happen to me. When at a seminar on sex and married couples I got information about MaxumSX. I called to order, but they would only send me a free sample to make sure it was what I wanted. I never had anyone not wanting to sell everything even the kitchen sink on a call like that, but that's how they are and it inspires confidence. When I received my sample and took it as instructed, I took it right away. I wanted to see what it was like. It was like I was in my 20s again. I lasted 4 hours, something I had not done in years. MaxumSX is exactly what they say it is. LP, Los Angeles, CA

I work with a lot of guys. One of them was buying Viagra in TJ and sharing it will a lot of the guys. When he had a heart attack at work that was attributed to his Viagra use, everyone of the others that he supplied were terrified. Not until then, was I willing to disclose that I had been using MaxumSX for a while. Then some of the guys asked me about it. I gave a couple of them some of my own capsules. Now, the word has gotten around that MaxumSX really works. MR, Pacoima, CA.

I had a terrible freak motorcycle accident, following my open heart surgery. My entire pubic area was destroyed from the freak of the accident. My penis shrank almost 2 incheas and I could no longer get an erection. I asked my doctor about it, and he said that because of my heart condition, I should just forget about sex. There was too much risk in taking any product. I have been using MaxumSX for several years now, without any complications. JM, Long Beach, CA

I suffer from Parkinsons and my license was about to be revoked as a result. I have been taking MaxumSX and noticed an improvement in my Parkinsons symptoms. I passed the driver's exam without shaking, even once. MaxumSX is even more than I imagined. MA, Fresno, CA

I went on a wild tour of the best places in the world, including Brazil, Holland, Mexico, and Costa Rica. It was constant partying for 3 months. Wherever I was, I would order product. Now, they caution that it gets very expensive, and, it really doesn't warrant taking the product more than one every three days. Because I was surrounded by girls everywhere I went, I wanted to make sure I was at my best function. I took five capsules ( one for every girl) per day for the duration. I have friends and from anectodes I hear, taking more than one every three days, with any other product would be lethal. Not MaxumSX. Five every day for three months and I lived to tell about it. RP, Montebello, CA.

I and several of my friends joined in to buy Viagra. I am 35 years old and in very good shape. I was cautious at first about taking it. The first time, I took half a pill. My girlfriend was really pleased and wanted to know what I was taking. I gave her the usual "you are irresistable" complement. Three days later, I took the other half. After another three days, I took half of the second pill. This time, I was showering to clean up from work. While in the shower, I got dizzy and my heart was pumping a mile a minute. My girl friend was in the bathroom and she became really agitated and screamed, "What drugs are you on? I knew you were doing something!" When I told her what it was, she applied her RN skills and got me through it. She warned me never to take it again, no matter what. I had become paranoid about ED products, until I heard about MaxumSX from a friend. He swore he had not had any negative reactions, on the contrary, everything was great. Without telling my girlfriend, I tried it. I knew she would be against it, but I had to try. She liked the results without the side effect of Viagra. I went through a scary exprience, but thanks to MaxumSX, I can enjoy the added boost. So does my girlfriend, and once I told her about it, she was in agreement. DF, San Diego, CA.

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