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Max Detox

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Max Detox
Max Detox
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As part of the Fresh Start package, a unique blend of herbals known to help remove toxins from the major organs of the body.


60 capsules of 500 mg of Proprietary blend of the most powerful detox agents known to man: Honeysuckle, Hyacinth, Flavonoids, and Inositol Nutrition Panel.

Part of the Empower X Diet Phase 2


Take 2 capsules daily for maintenance, or as directed by your professional health care advisor.


Suzy My bofriend went from wanting the lights off to not able to keep his hands off. He is a body builder, and my new body was just up his alley.

Tony In three months I went from a basket case from a childhood experience over my weight to running up eight stories without stopping, just for the fun of it.

Pedro - My gut was gone in one month.

Grace I went from 230 to 139 and kept the weight off.

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