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Vaginal Toner

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Size really doesn't matter any more! Enjoy sex the way you never had before. It allows for increased contact with his penis. Makes you feel young again. For the woman that has had children or is feeling the effects of aging. It is also an extraordinary lubricant.

Rediscover orgasms again. It increases the opportunity to stimulate your "G" Spot.

Your vagina will feel filled up, regardless of his size.


Vaginal Toner Activate the ingredients while the romance heats up.
Apply it on the interior walls of the vagina, as part of foreplay.
Instant vaginal tightner without surgery.
You will both notice the difference and enjoy sex like never before.


Pour the content of the oil with 3 pumps of the cream in the black mixing jar and mix with the spoon enclosed. ½ hour before any sexual activity, with the index finger introduce into the vagina and spread around the walls sparingly.

It is more fun and satisfying when you get your partner to apply it for you. Besides, it is easier to reach the walls.


I felt like he had grown and gotten thicker. Penetration was incredible. My vagina was tighter. I could feel getting excited from the reaction of my internal muscles. The orgasms were multiple. ER, Los Angeles, CA

I am an older woman and have a friend who is also of advanced age. Sex used to be almost for his benefit, until I heard about Lust. It has been 8 years since I tried it. I won't see my friend without it. I can really feel the difference. MA, Dallas, TX

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