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More Testosterone, naturally! The male potency package. A combination of natural elements that stimulate Testosteron production, the male hormone responsible for strength, energy and sexual function.
  • Lift heavy weights
  • Lift her into the bedroom, like at the honeymoon
  • Feel 15 years younger
  • Feel the stamina
  • Feel the energy
  • Feel the emotion


Package of
  • MaleMax(90 caps) Nutrition Panel, full of Amazonic aphrodisiacs, circulation support, and known prostate support,
  • PotencyMax(90 caps) Nutrition Panel, Endocrine and hormone support nutrients,
  • PotencyPlus(60 caps), Nutrition Panel, nervous system and circulatory support,
  • and eMax(60 caps) and e-Max(Nutrition Panel, antioxidant.

Each a proprietary blend of amino acids, aphrodisiacs and nutrients from the four corners of the world.


Should be taken for three months to get the full effect.
In the AM, on an empty stomach take:
  • 2 MaleMax,
  • 1 PotencyMax, and
  • 1 PotencyPlus.

In the PM ½ before going to bed, take
  • 1 MaleMax,
  • 2 PotencyMax, and
  • 1 PotencyPlus.

Take 2 e-Max with breakfast, or after any meal.


I am diabetic and I could not believe what it did for me. Since 15 I had not felt like this. There was a burning desire. My sexual drive was up. My energy lever was up. I didn't believe them it would do anything at all. RG, Downey, CA.

I'm getting on in age, but I have a few friends that like to get together. When I couldn't perform, I thought it was all over for me. I called and asked. I was skeptical when they recommended the product. But, I had dealt with them for years, so shouldn't have doubted them. The product prove it. My desire, libido, energy, stamina, everything was back. LF, Santo Domingo, DR

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