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Early in 2003 a team of health oriented research professionals met in a stimulating environment to discuss and develop a totally new concept that would revolutionize the health care field. This new concept would substantially reduce the cost of health care by providing nutritional products that will offer maximum product effectiveness and absorption. Empower X Nature then commissioned a scientific staff, consisting of pharmacists, pharmacologists, chemists, physicians and biologists. These health care professionals were then invited to be fellow members to participate in all of the Empower X Nature's research and development programs. They became responsible for the pursuit of excellence by developing formulas that are technologically second to none. All of the Empower X Nature's formulas comply with all of the FDA's legal, GMP and current label requirements. It also has the capacity to provide liquids, crèmes, soft gelatin capsules, powders and tablets to satisfy today's market requirements.
Empower X Nature's commitment to product excellence is to a direct result obtained from its R & D staff. This group, of health oriented professionals working as team develop products that will provide maximum assimilation along with clinical data to explain the product's efficacy. The R & D Staff is constantly providing its physicians with new data that highlights the products effectiveness and rationale. This clinical data provides additional support for the physician to bring to his patient back to a state of ' Homeostasis" or health.
Quality control is at work throughout every phase of its product development, including research, production and finished goods. By constantly applying its quality control methods to its products, the health care professional can be assured of obtaining a product that has the highest purity and efficacy available. All incoming ingredients are quarantined while an extensive series of lab are performed to determine purity and potency. Each container is assigned a lot number that is controlled by a computer data system. Samples are permanently stored so that in the future any formula or ingredient can be re-examined. Again all of the formulas comply with FDA's regulations and GMP Standards.

Almost 50 years in the making! In 1968 Edward extended his athletic career when he joined the UCLA Gymnastics team. The experience was two fold. It was a time of tumultuos burgeouning awakening in every respect of new ways of thinking. Although, there were books written about it, but then it started as a revolution. The second was that it also awakened a need for proper nutrition. In part, because, he discovered how integral a part nutrition is in an athlete's training. This athletic experience was augmented by his pre-med career. This triggered his desire and understanding of the rigours of scientific research and study and the discipline of observation. Being involved in athletics also afforded a discipline that is not available normally in other practices. Particularly the difficulty of Gymnastics. Edward worked with great gymnasts, including olympic champions as Tsukahara, and Endo. Masters and great champions as Watanabe, Sakamoto, Hug and Vidmar. He trained extensively with Sakamoto, coaching him as he prepared for the 1972 Olympics, whom he traveled with to Germany. He also had the opportunity to observe and make friends with Wayne Collett, whom he met in one of his Speech classes during their freshman year. Kathy Rigby and Ludmilla Turischeva. The complexity of Gymnastics allowed Edward a deeper understanding of sports. The nuances and balance of strength, style and dynamics of physics, whom he picked up from his mentor, Kanati Allen, also an Olympian and World Games champion. His practice of Zen, martial arts, and macrobiotics. Edward has traveled to the corners of the world in search and assoication with individuals and scientists. All this knowledge and zest for discovery has brought Edward to wanting to bring to people the opportunity to live life green. In about 1972 Edward gave up sodas, which had been a staple of his nutrition up until he discovered the extreme damage they cause to the body, but more importantly the negative influence they have on physical performance by way of the sugar highs and lows. Also as many people do when they reach 50 years of age he started becoming more aware of the generally poor health of others around him, both young and old. Friends would occasionally contract diseases, some terminal such as cancer, or die suddenly from heart attacks. He wanted another 50 years of active life! This meant that he had to somehow slow down the aging processes and maintain optimum physical and mental health! Extensive Research Undertaken In 1997, during a search for products Edward discovered Dr. Hutch Marvins and the Amazon, anti-aging and health. What became apparent during this period was that healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise although extremely important were simply not enough to achieve Warren’s objectives and help like minded men and women to achieve the same goals. Lifestyle, diet and exercise needed to be complemented with a professional supplement program! They found a high proportion of supplements were not even true to the label on their bottle. They were basically dishonest. Other supplements had contaminants present. They also found that many companies who were using the correct ingredient by name had selected a cheap version of the ingredient with low potency and thus inadequate efficacy. Further to this, they discovered unacceptable manufacturing processes and other inadequate practices. Contolling the Development and Manufacturing Unable to find an acceptable range of products, they made the decision to develop their own range of supplements and control the development and manufacturing…in other words, they would not use contract manufacturers, which is the norm in the supplement industry. This was quite a major decision as not only did it involve setting up an on-site manufacturing facility from scratch but also the sourcing of quality raw ingredients from all around the world. During this research period they learned of a world recognized bio-scientist Prof. Dr. Munem A. Daoud. PhD. BSc, ND who had developed many successful and unique formulas for the pharmaceutical industry but who in the early 90’s switched his ‘allegiance’ and thereafter devoted his skills and knowledge to the natural products industry. Warren sought him out and he agreed to develop a couple of formulas for Warren and Lance who had started putting together the infrastructure of a new organization called Xtend-Life but as yet did not have any products. Early in 2002 Nature 2 Basics went ‘live’ and made available to the public its first generation of a highly sophisticated multi nutrient supplement (as opposed to a multi vitamin/mineral supplement). Since the first products were released in 2000 N2B has enjoyed a steady growth thanks to an ever increasing foundation of loyal customers who purchase products every month and refer their friends and family to N2B as well. It has been the needs of people that has made the N2B team of researchers untiringly develop new formulas for different application. The team does not sit and think, "Oh this would be a great product to have." but rather, someone has this need for a product. This has been the driving force behind the product development of N2B. In 2010, it became apparent that there was a need to comunicate instantly the purpose of the existence of the team. To Empower. Thus was born, Empower X Nature, Unlimited. The X has its origin in simple elementary school mathematics. It stands for by as in 2 by 2 equals 4. The X also has an interesting function in the scheme of universal energy, it has a merging and attraction effect from it's four terminals.

The Road to Discovery

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