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Libido Enhancer

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Enjoy sex all over again! Enjoy sex the way you never had before.

Increase your

  • Libido.
  • Desire
  • Pleasure
  • Orgasm intensity
  • Orgasm frequency

Rediscover orgasms again. It increases vaginal stimulation.

Surprise him and let the product do all the work.


30ml of proprietary blend Nutrition Panel


For best results, fill a shot glass with water and pour 20 drops of Flora in the morning and at night every day. Wait 2 weeks for Flora to be assimilated to your body before you see the results desired.


I thought sex was all over for me. It used to be uncomfortable from vaginal dryness. With Flora, I could feel the urge again and it felt good. ER, Los Angeles, CA

I am an older woman and have a friend who is also of advanced age. Sex used to be almost for his benefit, until I heard about Flora. I won't see my friend without it. I'm allowed to enjoy it and with Flora, I can. MA, Dallas, TX

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