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Empower Diet - Phase 2

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Empower Diet Phase 2
Empower Diet Phase 2

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  • Feel the best you have in years.
  • Clean and balance your digestive and circulatory system.
  • You will experience a lighter, more energetic, more lucid and younger you.
  • To end the day on a good note and sleep well.
  • It lightens the digestive system, unclogging the intestines, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and skin.
  • It stimulates digestion and helps to control the volume of food ingested.
  • It supports waste elimination. Restores the organs stressed by overeating.


7 day supply of 8 capsule packets, including


Take the capsules in each packet at the time indicated on the packet with 6 - 8 oz of warm water or as recommended by your professional health care advisor.


Wendy. I never experienced hunger. It gave me enough energy to go from walking around the track to jogging non-stop several laps.

Grace. No hunger at all. I was surprised. I wanted to go another week.

Pedro. Never suffered hunger pains. Lots of energy. I started dropping the weight right away.

Tony. Not at all hungry. It was the best. I had energy to spare.

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