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Bio Magnets Small

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Bio Magnets Round Small
Bio Magnets Round Small

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The substance of Life!

There is a secret that has eluded even the best physicists that have ever lived. No one has been able to explain

It isn't necessary to undestand their nature, but, more important, which is what Tesla discovered, is how they work in nature. One thing every scientist in the world knows, is that the universe is magnetic, which in turn can be used to create electric currents, something we find a lot of in the body. When your electrica charge is low, you suffer from a lot of maladies. Traditional Chinese Medicine discover that and calls it Qi.


Set of two round magnets with healthy gauss strength to stimulate blood flow and energy balance.

To be used according to instructions or as recommended by your professional helathcare advisor knowledgeable in bio magnetic application.


I had painful sciatica. My left leg burn all the time. I could not sit, or walk without the pain. I suffered it for more than 2 years. I was on analgesics, which was the only thing medics could do for me. ONE SESSION, IT WAS GONE! FOREVER! Incredible! It has been six months, and it hasn't returned! SA, Cerritos, CA.

I had a pain in my shoulder from driving fast go-carts. I couldn't lift my arm. It hurt to shower. It hurt to sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night from lying on it. In one day, it was gone. Like I never had gotten hurt. BR, Torrance, CA.

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